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Let’s Eat!


From your stay on the island you will take away not only memories of the wind, the waves, the constant changing seascape, the warm sun, the white sands and strolls along the beaches…


From your stay with us at the Hotel du Fort et des Iles you will also enjoy the surrounding sea’s bounty, every product simple yet authentic.  From fish and shellfish to crustaceans such as our highly-prized Chausey blue lobster.


At our restaurant “Table of the Isles” you will enjoy a breathtaking view of the sea and the archipelago surrounding you.

A local cuisine



“ In the Chausey Isles, the sea offers us its culinary treasures, our Chausey blue lobster being the star of the archipelago.  Chef can grill it on its own as a main course or as a starter accompanied by foie gras, or even in a salad. An absolute delight! ”

Plateau fruits de mer


“ From beautiful dishes to shellfish platters created on the go by our sous-chef: oysters, crab, whelk, shrimp, crayfish and lobster.  Or you can opt to try our scallops, garlic & herbed clams, Chausey-shrimp.
With your view of the surrounding isles you can enjoy all of this with a chilled glass of white wine—an unforgettable experience! ”



“ Depending on what is in season, experience an authentic cuisine orientated towards what the sea has to offer.  Fresh fish prepared “a la plancha » or baked, along with delicious accompanying sauces.  Sole, Plies, Sea bass, Lieus, Mackerel, Ray…all product is locally-sourced for its freshness and quality. ”

Chef’s Offer


Menu « Three isles »


Menu « Archipelago »


Menu « Lobster »


Children’s menu


On the dash

Six oysters & a glass of white wine


Whelks with house mayonnaise, a glass of white wine


Lobster plate with salad

Half Chausey blue lobster

served chilled with garnished baked potato, cucumber, salad and coleslaw


Only for lunch


Oysters, Shellfish and Crustaceans

Oysters Saint Vaast N° 3 – Par 6


Oysters Saint Vaast N° 3 – Par 9


Oysters Saint Vaast N° 3 – Par 12


Whelks – house mayonnaise


Pink shrimps


Crab – House mayonnaise


Langoustines – House mayonnaise


Plate from islands (Oysters, whelks, shrimps & langoustines)



Seafood platters

Seafood platter « Monks island » (crab, oysters, whelks, shrimps, langoustines) – 1 person


Seafood platter « long island » (1/2 lobster of Chausey, crab, oysters, whelks, shrimps, langoustines) – 1 person


Seafood platter « long island » (1 lobster of Chausey, crab, oysters, whelks, shrimps, langoustines) – 2 persons


Starters (from €8 to €18)

House fish plate (Mackerel, salmon, etc…)

House Gravlax salmon

Baked garlic/herb clams

Fish and Seafood tartares (Oysters, scallops, etc…)

Fish terrines

Bowl of mussels

Fish soup

Sailors stew

Baked Normand Camembert

Mixed salads

House Foie gras (with fig or lobster)

Main course (starting at €15)

Seasonal and Chef’s choice !

Fish and seafood

Ray with capers, Roast Sea bass, Choucroute of the sea, Grilled scallops, Sailors gumbo, Calamari, Gambas a la plancha, Lemon Sole, Oven-roasted Chausey blue lobster

Meat dishes

Slab or Grilled steak Beef, honey duck breast

Desserts (from €6 to €9)

All desserts are homemade.

Apple pie

Crème brulée

Lemon meringue pie


Panna cotta with its accompanying red berry coulis

Milk rice grandmother style

Chocolate mousse

Fresh fruit salad

Coffee with gourmet dessert

Our wines (starting at €13)

White Wines AOP – 75cl

Muscadet sur lie, Macon village, Menetou salon, Riesling, Gewurztraminer, Sancerre, Pouilly Fumé…

Red Wines – 75Cl

Côtes de Bordeaux, Côtes de Blaye, Côtes du Rhône, St Emilion, Saumur Champigny, Lirac, Brouilly, Haut Médoc, Graves

Rosé Wines – 75Cl

Côtes de Provence, Coteaux d’Aix, Bandol, Tavel, Cabernet d’Anjou

Bar de la sirene

The Mermaid Bar

Welcome aboard The Mermaid Bar. Located in our grand main room with its warm, welcoming atmosphere, settle yourself comfortably at one of our large oak communal tables overlooking the surrounding isles, or in our garden perched above the sea edge.  Soak in these moments of relaxation with friends or family before or after your tour of the island.

Come evening and cocktail hour, enjoy a drink whilst watching a beautiful sunset over the Sound, all of which contributes to these moments of conviviality.

The bartender suggests…



During the bar’s opening hours, one can enjoy a mixed cocktail poured by our experienced mixologist Stephane: Mojito, Rum punch, Caipirinia, Fresh daiquiri, etc….and The Mermaid Bar specialty: Eau de Mer, all blue, a delight!


SELECTED WINES      New on offer !

Relax with friends as you share a bottle of one of our specially-selected wines on offer.  Taste reds, whites, roses from around France, accompanied if you wish by one of our fresh cheese or charcuterie boards.



Reading your newspaper over a relaxed breakfast, choosing from our large menu of choice teas, or that of our select beers on tap, Normand cider, a selection of aperitifs and high quality Whiskys and Rums.  Also available is a variety of fruit juices, sodas and ice-creams, all of which can be enjoyed in the main room or ordered from our garden seating area facing the sea.